Humans Need Not Apply

This video is about a year old already, but it perfectly captures thoughts I’ve been having for a while and thinking about intensely as I was reading a lot on AI and machine learning.

Eventually, we’ll all be out of a job. But isn’t that great? I always hated the argument ‘we create jobs’ as if that is something virtuous in itself. I only see virtue if you create jobs that are meaningful and enjoyable – something people want to spend time with. Anyway, as easy as it is for more people today to imagine machines taking away more manual labor jobs, once you see what’s technologically possible today it’s not hard to see your white-collar job being automated in the not-too-distant future.

If this is hard to imagine, take a look at this (year-old!) video.

It’s going to hit virtually everyone. The taxi drivers revolting against Uber will eventually have to realize that they will be fully out of a job when self-driving cars are finally permitted to drive on the streets (they’re already far safer than humans today).

If we are serious about a more just future, we have to start thinking about decoupling a livelihood from working. in a world where we do not do the work, we have to find a different strategy on determining who gets to live how well. To me, this is the unconditional basic income, which more and more cities are already experimenting with. i’m curious though, what’s your take on this?

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