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i don’t remember who i got this from – this has been on my notepad for a while – so i’m sorry for not crediting.

this video explains a big deal of my work/life philosophy – a lot of “work” advice i get is that being constantly engaged or in a ‘working’/project-mode isn’t healthy, but i think it’s exactly the opposite: if your work is such a drag that extending it into your private is unhealthy, then there’s something wrong with your work.

i love being on as long most waking hours, because i love what i do: working towards a fairer and more sustainable future. of course, there’s ups and downs involved and not every single task is something i love, but i try hard to find something positive in it all and i enjoy the bigger picture.

and of course, breaks are important, but the important part about it is that you need to engage your mind in a different way – and not dull it with some mindless activity.

the future of working.. certainly won’t apply to everybody, but this should be/become the reality for all “knowledge workers” and probably many more!

inspirational commencement speech: don’t work. be hated. love someone.

resist the temptation to get a job. instead, play.

create like a god. command like a king. work like a slave.

constantine brancusi. happy monday! (thx, philip)