sollte ich lieber abends posten? nutzeraktivität scheint um 23:00 am höchsten zu sein..

doonited went beta last night, and i had the chance to try it out a little. very nice design and usability, they did a really great job!

i’ve been anticipating this for a while, and the concept is pretty neat: people are encouraged to do small things, that are good in one way or another (social, ecologcial, personal) and earn points (drops). money will be generated through sponsors – and not through an investor (they’re bootstrapping!)

the first ‘dailygood’ is to learn to say hi in three new languages: merhaba! (turkish), an nyoung! (korean), saluton! (esperanto)

well done, oliver & team, hope we can turn this into a movement indeed!

i’ve been asked what this button one the bottom right of every post is. in case more people were wondering, here’s the video introduction to flattr!