nice blog project! once you notice it, the amount of packaging waste is quite disturbing. it’s sad that organic food usually doesn’t do much better either!


Coffee in a coffee shop. Bad photo really, but still coffee, juice and a shared sandwich, dining in. All packaging disposable – unnecessary really.

awesome, the in.gredients project (“the first zero-waste, package-free grocery store in the US.”) is crowdfunded! pretty nice blog as well! could we also try this in berlin?

[EDIT: i was informed that there is a similar store ‘unpackaged’ in london. we still have a long way to go here in germany]

thx, maxistentialist!

for those who didn’t understand yesterday’s german post, here is an english documentary on braungart & mcdonough’s concept of cradle2cradle – a very interesting way to look at industrial processes from a biomimicry perspective.