“if you can’t feed 100 people, then just feed one”

my brother mentioned this quote yesterday, and i just remembered it when i discovered this job ad from the great “rock your life” project. for a split-second i thought: ‘i can’t just suport one organization, so i better wait until i make an entire list.’ well, i decided against it- the journey starts with the first step.

i saw christina veldhoen speak at the vision summit 2011, and i was fascinated by the level of energy she transmitted, even though it was pretty late on the last conference day. while it might be a simple idea, the project is a fantastic one and they are doing a great job with making this happen!

now they are looking to hire a marketing/sales person – and part of the compensation package is a bahncard 100. as a former owner, i can say it really rocks to have one of those! and of course it rocks to be part of such an awesome organization! so if you think you have what it takes, please apply!

the other day i mentioned biomimicry and how important i believe it to be. perhaps one of the most famous proponents of this is gunter pauli, who i had the chance to hear talk at this year’s (wonderfully organized) vision summit. pauli is the mastermind behind ZERI and the blue economy– a visionary entrepreneur and author with a fascinating mind. in this video he visits günter faltin’s laboratory for entrepreneurship and talks about biomimicry (sorry, it’s in german):

not only is pauli a huge fan of learning from nature, he’s also strongly believes that a massive wave of entrepreneurship will lead us towards the future. to push this movement forward, pauli shares his extensive knowledge of exciting and disruptive innovations, and presents 100 business models that just need driven individuals to implement them:

what i like most about pauli is his impatience with solutions that ‘do no harm’ and his insistence on solutions that have highly positive impacts. this kind of broader (re-)thinking highly resonates with me. and it reminds me that i’ll have to write a post on cradle-to-cradle soon.