videaux makes videos for social projects (non-profits, social entrepreneurs…) – these are some images of their six month filming in Haiti, Argentina, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh (thx, makesense)!

the silent climate parade will roll again through berlin this september!

remember, when we danced through berlin to demonstrate (for) a sustainable future? if not, read the description below to get and idea of what we’re all about! and check out the 2011 video (thx, laurent!) & the website!

the plan for 2012: on september 22, we’ll start the parade around alexanderplatz. get your headphones between 12-2pm, and then the parade will dance silently through east berlin from 2-5pm. we’re in the midst of organizing, so stay tuned via the fb event!

[EDIT: the DJs are confirmed! we proudly present:

but we need your support: we’re crowdfunding via betterplace to make this day possible again. can you help us to organize the best silent climate parade ever?

The Silent Climate Parade is a demonstration in Berlin to raise awareness about the failure to solve the climate change problem. With wireless headphones, quality DJs on electromobiles, signs, flyers, choreographies, and lots of enthusiasm, we dance silently through the streets in a fun, colorful and inspiring action to catch people’s attention. We do this to show that it’s possible to have fun, be climate friendly, and make a political statement at the same time. Let’s get moving!

i must’ve missed this video last year when it came out. awesome stop-motion by the always-amazing kevin (who i had the pleasure to work with at the SCP 2011) for the chamber of commerce campaign (thx, ayesha!)!

by the way, if you haven’t read bill mckibben’s latest article, you really should. his rolling stone article ’global warming’s terrifying new math’ isn’t short, but well worth the time.

i’d really rather not post a nike viral video, but i have to admit that this is a pretty well done viral ad. the story is, the guy got money to shoot an ad, and blew it all on travelling the world with his friend.

it’s from the same guy who made the video about how easy it is to steal a bike in NYC. would be interesting to test that in berlin.

nice animation project using bikes!

nice social media case study from skittles!

charity:water was founded by scott harrison who went from nightclub promoter to changemaker (long story). i like this organization for it’s non-traditional and innovative style, look and feel. highly design-focused for high-impact communication. check out this great video:

in germany, there’s the similar viva con agua from benny adrion, a former soccer player. i’m going to sponsor one of these two organizations with my next birthday party!

[EDIT: nice viva con agua video]

berlinfolgen shows interesting photo-series of people in berlin and lets them tell their story. modeled after the great NY project one in 8 million

another very similar project is fifty people, one question, which has also been imported to berlin

vor kurzem gab es ein utopia gespräch zu nachhaltigem konsum, das man auch via livestream verfolgen konnte. im chat hatte ein teilnehmer eine tolle idee: es gab doch früher die sendung “der 7. sinn” – könnte man nicht heute eine 3-minütige sendung produzieren, die das thema “ethischer/nachhaltiger/strategischer konsum” präsentiert, und mit einem sendeplatz direkt vor der tagesschau dieses thema stärker in den gesellschaftlichen dialog bringt? oder auch aus dem themengebiet energieeffizienz. kann ja dann auch parallel online gestellt werden, für die nicht-fernseher. finde ich eine tolle idee, und wäre auch gerne dabei dies zu unterstützen.

P.S. die sendung sollte natürlich nicht so sexistisch sein, wie die ersten youtube hits die man auf die suchanfrage “7. sinn” erhält. ;)

dieses video gerade eben erst entdeckt. der nachhaltigkeitsrat ist auch nicht gerade der beste multiplikator.. schöne arbeit von der FH augsburg.