a bunch of good TED talks that have been published recently, including a talk by tristram stuart on the global food waste scandal, something i’ve liked to point out many times.

brené brown’s power of vulnerability is also a really great watch, and i’m pointing it out even though it’s been published for a while now, because she has a follow-up, listening to shame. i can highly recommend watching both in chronological order.

but my favorite recent TED talk was definitely amy cuddy’s talk on body language (above) and it’s influence on our self-perception. i like her reappropriation of ‘fake it until you make it’, and i think her points are really good. you probably have heard of the smiling example before, but i think we sometimes forget the fact that our body language is not only the effect of our emotional state, but also the cause. and while you’re watching the video, you actually have about 20 minutes to boost your emotional state with some wonder woman posing!

to quote a comment on the TED blog, “I think we’ve just found our TED Prize 2013 winner.”

incredible, personal, and inspiring talk on the importance of identity and its consequences on justice, using very powerful storytelling. i consider it one the greatest TED talks i have ever seen. standing ovation.

this was perhaps my favorite talk at TEDxBerlin 2011, it’s really one of my life philosophies: don’t let routine take over. switch things up, try new things, be open to surprises, see with different eyes. move to a different place, don’t get attached to too many objects. feel the magic of being alive.

looking forward to TEDxChange in berlin on thursday!

nice animation of rachel botsman’s collaborative consumption theory! (see her TED talk)

TEDxChange: The Big Picture is coming to Berlin on April 5. I’ll definitely be there, maybe there will even be a chance to briefly talk to Melinda, after all WASH United is supported by her foundation!

what a great idea to spread great ideas! bravo, TEDxBuenosAires!!

what is your wish for the city 2.0? share it with TED!

We are listening to them and giving them the opportunity to collectively craft a wish. A wish capable of igniting a massive collaborative project among the members of the global TED community, and indeed all who care about our planet’s future.  (Individuals or organizations who wish to contribute their ideas to a TED Prize wish on behalf of The City 2.0 should write to [email protected])

7 billion people on the planet today. good occasion to revisit hans rosling’s thoughts on development:

richard wilkinson has some great data to show that inequality in a society is related to virtually all measures of social dysfunction, not just a few things. in more equal societies, this has not only positive effects for those on the lower end, but also for the more privileged ones.

to get a hint at how the US got to such a high level of inequality, malcolm gladwell makes an interesting point about income tax: