grow – nice green street art project with moss typography by anna garforth! also, check out edina tokodi and the recipe how to do it yourself!

i’ve always liked watching street performers and artists! awesome project, busking project!

fun show on street art and culture jammers, lots of fun examples! also check out the TED talk by charlie todd, creator of improv everywhere.

nice street art collection of 2011

hier ein schöner bericht über adbuster & culture-jammer prost, der momentan auch in einer schönen solo-ausstellung ’the street never ends, the art never dies’ in der westberlin gallery bis 17. september zu sehen ist!

love this: street art & my passion for bikes combined!

was this the inspiration for BLU’s berlin mural ‘global warming’? or is it a case of ‘great minds think alike’?

by the way, if you don’t already know it, check out ’big bang big boom’ from BLU!