thx for the reminder, bayanat!

fucking right: drought is an act of nature, famine is man-made! this way to the one petition.

wer die ARD reportage ‘afrika hungert: ein wettlauf gegen die zeit’ verpasst hat, kann sie noch in der mediathek anschaun. sehenswert!

helfen kann man auch noch z.b. hier:

something personal (actually i think i hinted at this a few weeks ago): my birthday is less than two weeks away and i since i have everything i need and more, it’d be really happy if instead of a present, you could me with my birthday experiment:

i’m fundraising for east africa, because i think lots of people are willing to pitch in, but you just need is a little nudge to actually do it. this is the link:

please participate, share via social media and tell others how easy it was to do it!

somalia is currently experiencing the “worst humanitarian disaster” in the world due to the rain season being absent for the second year in a row. according to the world food program, 10 million people need humanitarian aid.

massive help is needed, and everybody can do something! for example, on saturday (july 23) a flea market is taking place at st. elisabeth-kirche (around rosenthaler platz) to collect money for médecins sans frontières’ crisis work: “KEIN DURST! Ein Flohmarkt der helfen soll”. great idea! i hope there will be lots of people who have wanted to free up some space in their apartments/basements anyway and/or want to find some new treasures so we’ll get some money together. a very pro-active answer and i wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that a significant amount of money will be raised!

oh and yes, i know it’s impossible to link specific weather events to climate change, but the enormous amount and repeated occurrence of weather-related catastrophes suggest how very unlikely it is that there is no larger structural change at work. the world needs decisive and fair international political action ASAP!