Incredible India!

I am going to India. I will be part of a team building an eco-friendly, design-thinking-based & community-solutions-focused K-12 school in rural Khajuraho, India, the WEschool. It will be built entirely from scratch and aims to run on a social business model in the long term.

I got involved in this project when I ran into Ulrike at the Vision Summit in Berlin. I met her two months ago in India where we met at a conference and traveled to the Taj Mahal together. I told her about about my fascination for India, and then she told me that she is building a school in Khajuraho and that she is actually looking for somebody like me to get involved. “Why don’t you come to Khajuraho and decide after seeing the place?” she said.

So two weeks later I am sitting in a plane to Delhi (right now!) and will make my way to Khajuraho. I will meet Ulrike and others from the team and we will write (more) concepts, business plans and funding strategies. It’s an adventure, and I’m very excited about it.

In order to cover some living expenses while I don’t have a steady income, I am offering freelance translations for German/English marketing texts / ad copy (hire me!).

Read the full story and the background of the WEschool, and check out the WEschool blog!

“if you can’t feed 100 people, then just feed one”

my brother mentioned this quote yesterday, and i just remembered it when i discovered this job ad from the great “rock your life” project. for a split-second i thought: ‘i can’t just suport one organization, so i better wait until i make an entire list.’ well, i decided against it- the journey starts with the first step.

i saw christina veldhoen speak at the vision summit 2011, and i was fascinated by the level of energy she transmitted, even though it was pretty late on the last conference day. while it might be a simple idea, the project is a fantastic one and they are doing a great job with making this happen!

now they are looking to hire a marketing/sales person – and part of the compensation package is a bahncard 100. as a former owner, i can say it really rocks to have one of those! and of course it rocks to be part of such an awesome organization! so if you think you have what it takes, please apply!