‘misfits’ are fruits and veggies that have a different size or shape so they don’t fit the “industrialized standards” and often get left behind, even though they are perfectly edible. the culinary misfits are two designers that save these misfits from becoming waste by cooking delicious – organic, local and seasonal – meals.

they have been cooking and delighting foodies around berlin for about a year, and now they are looking to crowdfund their own space – where they can cook, experiment, invite guests, and sell culinary misfit food. i hope they’ll reach their goal so they can open their new place very soon!

food waste is such a prime example of our modern problems. experts estimate that about 50% of the food in the US and EU goes to waste, worldwide the FAO sees that number at 30%. i blogged about valentin thurn’s taste the waste earlier that shows a farmer couldn’t use 40 percent of his potatoes harvest, which seems to be a rather normal figure. at the same time, the food that europe throws away would be enough to feed the world’s hungry at least twice (tristram stuart even estimates that “one billion hungry people could be lifted out of malnourishment on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe”).

we are not too many, we (our systems) are just too stupid. there is enough for everyone on this planet, we just suck at distributing it. we need to change the economic focus from unlimited growth to a more just distribution that increases overall happiness and resilience.

that’s why i support initiatives like the culinary misfits. there are also another few initiatives worth mentioning: in berlin i had a great time at the teller statt tonne demo, and friends of mine were inspired by the berlin schnippeldisco (where misfits were cut and made into a soup that was handed out at a demonstration for sustainable agriculture) and started disco soupe in paris. food is one of the most essential aspects of our lives and it can connect people like almost nothing else – if we want a better future, we have to redesign the way we feed the world.

love the energy in her speech, the storytelling, and her message of empowerment!

incredible edible makes a great case for urban gardening and edible landscapes. for the same reason of increasing our resilience, i’m a big fan of projects like prinzessinnengarten, an urban gardening experiment in berlin. in fact, it is currently collecting signatures via to ensure its future as a part of the city, so you can help them out with a few clicks.