nice campaign ad by the very supportable just appeared on my timeline!

Just like past movements, the climate movement needs iconic visuals. And that’s exactly what Project Survival Media is poised to create. We’re asking you to join 99 other people and invest 50 cents a day or $15 a month to support youth journalists reporting on issues of climate justice. Go here to donate:

Thanks to all of you in advance!


Milky Mirror (by Iceland Aurora (Photo Tours))

on a lighter note, some nice photographs of berlin during festival of lights, by marcus klepper! i do wonder how much energy this festival uses.. anyway, the photographer’s entire stream is highly worth checking out!

molecule man berlin

berlinfolgen shows interesting photo-series of people in berlin and lets them tell their story. modeled after the great NY project one in 8 million

another very similar project is fifty people, one question, which has also been imported to berlin

after “the mountain,” another amazing video from terje sørgjerd! this guy really knows how to put together amazing nature shots with moving pieces of music. happy weekend!