HUMAN by Yann-Arthus Bertrand

If I got to pack a time capsule for future/distant generations to learn about us, this would be at or near the top of the list.

Amazing portrait of #whatmakesushuman. Have followed Yann-Arthus Betrand for a while now, and this reminded me of his 6 millards d’autres exhibition I saw in Paris, that just absolutely capitavated me. The same happened when I saw this movie – It completely took me out of the daily routine and constant updating, and just let me sit in awe – of the landscapes, the human interactions, the stories, the honesty, the emotions. How does he get people to be so open, so vulnerable, and yet so full of life in front of the lens?

This might be his magnum opus. I watched all three volumes, can highly recommend it! It’s like a spa day for the brain. Must-watch!

another trailer! this movie discusses the end of growth, another aspect to the misdesign of our systems i find extremely important. i should make a separate trailer category.

forks over knives’ – very interesting trailer, hope the movie will screen here soon! it explores the clain that the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods?

i like this because it leaves aside the (very valid!) moral arguments of animal cruelty or environmental effects, but focuses on self-interest: live longer, live better. for the meat lovers, maybe it’s time to try out meatless mondays?

cultural creatives

just heard about this concept of cultural creatives, wikipediad it, and asked myself why i hadn’t heard of this before. then again, i guess much of the work on LOHAS and sinus-milieus builds upon this concept, as well as richard florida’s ‘rise of the creative class’, which i dearly enjoyed. still, seems like a very interesting movie (thanks, jacob)

intense movie..

i want to see this movie when it’s out- it just got crowdfunded through kickstarter! and gene sharp’s book [download] is the newest addition to my reading list.

immediately put on the ‘to-see list’- i also remember something similar was made on 10/10/10 or am i completely off? (thanks, dannie!)

[UPDATE: i knew it: one day on earth]

sounds like a great movie. if you know anybody/any place in berlin showing this, please tell me. reminds me of attac’s jenseits des wachstums conference, which i would have loved to attend- but they plan to put the video documentation online soon.

this (thursday) evening, the ONE campaign is premiering their movie “vodoo and vaccines in benin, africa” via facebook. the movie can be viewed at 20:00 (CET) through this facebook app (corresponding fb event).

the movie is about current medical practices in benin that bring together traditional healers and modern doctors to give children access to life-saving vaccines.

the interesting part is that they decided to do this via facebook instead of just launching a website at a certain time, or a video on youtube/vimeo. i wonder who’s consulting them.

skateistan – what an inspiring project and a powerful and wonderfully positive movie! if it’s screening near you, go see it!