this is not exactly verified, but has been re-posted by a few of my friends. using media distortion tactics and agents provocateurs is pretty common, so it would actually surprise me if erdogan would not be using them:

“The government in collaboration with the police and the media staged a theater play (with terrible actors) at Taksim square early this morning. After announcing that there will be no attacks on the people at Gezi park and Taksim, hundreds of policemen came to collect the banners, at the same time chocking people with tear gas. The media, who has ignored the protests so far was there from the beginning broadcasting (from extremely good shooting points) a play between hundreds of cops and about 30 protesters (still a mystery who they were) who were throwing molotov cocktails to the police at the square. This act went on for more than an hour. The police, who is capable of breaking up thousand of people (without provocation) within minutes with tear gas and water cannons, only circled around them, gently spraying a little water. In the mean time, on the back streets and around Gezi park, where the media was not broadcasting, the attacks were as usual brutal. The protests until this morning have been peaceful and it is not clear whether these people were extremists from some political groups or some others(??). What is clear is that they do not reflect the spirit of this uprising. Couple of hours ago, police attacked the biggest court house in Istanbul and arrested around 70 lawyers, who were only protesting against the morning attacks, probably as a response to their help with protecting the rights of the people arrested and injured during last weeks protests. In response to today’s events, people of Istanbul are going back to Taksim square this evening at 19:00 possibly with larger numbers than the protests on May 31. Please spread this information. The Turkish media has failed miserably and it is very important that the world knows what is really going on in Turkey.”

from berlin in solidarity. photo courtesy of ari.

[P.S. an important message from egypt to the turkish demonstrators:


nice campaign ad by the very supportable just appeared on my timeline!

Just like past movements, the climate movement needs iconic visuals. And that’s exactly what Project Survival Media is poised to create. We’re asking you to join 99 other people and invest 50 cents a day or $15 a month to support youth journalists reporting on issues of climate justice. Go here to donate:

Thanks to all of you in advance!

nice project from mama hope!

media literacy 101, highly recommend watching this!

orwell vs. huxley comic. i’m a big fan of postman since i read ‘amusing ourselves to death’ for susan douglas’ media & culture class.

very interesting conversation on social media, national identity, and culture. unfortunately, i missed this event at social media week berlin, but if this project/conversation continues, i’d like to be a part. after all, this is perhaps why a lot of third culture kids (who usually have a very avantgarde attitude towards national identity) are fascinated by the possibilities of social media.

favorite quote: “everybody is involved in politics, and if they’re not playing, they’re just pawns.”

[nachtrag zum blog post 7. sinn]: hier gibt es ja schon eine initiative, die das thema ‘nachhaltigkeit’ über die mainstream-medien in die öffentlichkeit bringen möchte:

mal sehen, wie das mit/von sat.1 so wird, vom glaubwürdigkeit/greenwashing-aspekt. getreu meiner philosophie “öko sein muss sexy sein” will ich ja auch nicht überkritisch sein, schliesslich beginnt jede reise mit dem ersten schritt und keiner von uns ist ein engel!

if we want to make the world a more sustainable place (or have any kind of meaningful impact for that matter), we need to be/make/leverage influencers. interesting short documentary on how multi-billion dollar industries use this to shape culture in their interests.