GravityLight: i don’t know about its resource-efficiency, but this lamp makes a lot of sense: replacing the battery by using gravity’s potential energy makes this a much more eco-friendly product and presumably increases its life-span due to less ‘high-tech’ parts that need specialized maintenance.

no wonder they already raised three times the amount (as of dec 17) they were looking for – awesome project!

LIFX: smart color-changing lightbulb, currently crowdfunding. innovative in the way that it gives you more control over your home lighting, and that’s the main argument for it. at the same time, it’s an LED and therefore very energy-efficient.

this is exactly how i think the sustainable future needs to be communicated: people should not have to buy (into) anything just because it’s better for the environment (the ‘moral’ argument), but because it is an idea/solution that they like better than the current alternatives (because it’s more fun, desirable, convenient, etc.).

another example: SmartThings, a device designed to give you an enormous amount of control and automation over your home, which has a great energy saving potential (also crowdfunding).

after “the mountain,” another amazing video from terje sørgjerd! this guy really knows how to put together amazing nature shots with moving pieces of music. happy weekend!