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i don’t remember who i got this from – this has been on my notepad for a while – so i’m sorry for not crediting.

this video explains a big deal of my work/life philosophy – a lot of “work” advice i get is that being constantly engaged or in a ‘working’/project-mode isn’t healthy, but i think it’s exactly the opposite: if your work is such a drag that extending it into your private is unhealthy, then there’s something wrong with your work.

i love being on as long most waking hours, because i love what i do: working towards a fairer and more sustainable future. of course, there’s ups and downs involved and not every single task is something i love, but i try hard to find something positive in it all and i enjoy the bigger picture.

and of course, breaks are important, but the important part about it is that you need to engage your mind in a different way – and not dull it with some mindless activity.

fully support this activism against SOPA/PIPA, glad to see it getting so much attention!

[UPDATE: first good news?]

interessanter beitrag zur aktuellen situation der erstarkens der bürgerpartizipation.

diskussionen um das netz basieren fast ausschließlich auf der prämisse des ’technological determinism’. ich sehe hier einen großen fehler: meiner meinung bestimmt letztenendes die gesellschaft, zu welchem zweck technologie benutzt wird. ich sehe immer mehr menschen die unzufrieden damit sind, wie die systeme seit einiger zeit (nicht mehr) funktionieren. auch der rückzug ins private klappt immer weniger. dieser gesellschaftliche zeitgeist ist der grund und auslöser für die entwicklungen in diesem jahr, das ‘internet’ nur der katalysator. ich bin jedenfalls sehr gespannt auf 2012!

das rad der geschichte ist in schwung gekommen. wir sind am ende einer ära.

another graphic plea to run those servers we use every day on renewable energy!

at home, naturstrom provides currently an energy mix of 72% water and 28% wind power. they are one of the four trustworthy green energy providers in germany. of course, this isn’t enough and we all need to push those tech companies to go greener. and we don’t have to start with the big companies. ask your IT-guy where your webpage is hosted, whether they use renewable energy and whether energy efficiency is on their agenda (and by when it would be possible to switch in case the answers are disappointing). or ask your favorite website(s)/blogs what they are doing.

and then there’s the big ones. i’m an apple user and i admit, i’d never switch just because of their eco-social footprint- my macbook pro is too damn useful. but that doesn’t mean i can’t send them e-mails with critical and impatient questions or suggestions. you can also use ecosia instead of google (and yes i know, WWF is currently under massive attack and i still haven’t seen the video in its entirety yet), which seems like a good alternative to me. of course also the greenpeace initiative ’unfriend coal’ asking facebook to get rid of those coal power plants (video)!

anyway, the electronics industry has a long way towards a sustainable future. no doubt, they offer spectacular opportunities to be smarter and greener. but they also need to keep their own house clean. and CO2-emissions are not even everything, heard of coltan mining yet?

by the way, while one could say that aviation only contributes 2% to the CO2-emissions, they are also responsible for other greenhouse gases (GHG) such as NOX or water vapor, a lot of which have a much higher global warming potential (GWP). since emissions taking place at higher altitudes, any responsible carbon footprint calculation should include the RFI (radiative forcing index), a multiplication factor of at least 2,7 (and up to 4, science is not yet 98% conclusive).