in mumbai there’s a cop going around with a hockey stick and shutting down clubs and killing the nightlife on the basis of archaic laws and moral codes. in a rolling stone interview, he tries to defend himself in a muddle of answers ranging from ‘fighting prostitution’, ‘saving lives’, and ‘only doing his job’. recently, he even tried to (illegally) take 4 tourist girls to the police station, accusing them of prostitution!

check out this very interesting NDTV documentary that offers a peek into the politics of modern indian society, including outdated laws and how they help fuel corruption. another personal view from a DJ is published at the wild city.

what’s new and impressive is that people are collectively standing up to this and taking action: the mumbai unite movement seeks to change the outdated laws, and support came from delhi at the “to mumbai, with love” event last weekend.

sign the petition at

Incredible India!

I am going to India. I will be part of a team building an eco-friendly, design-thinking-based & community-solutions-focused K-12 school in rural Khajuraho, India, the WEschool. It will be built entirely from scratch and aims to run on a social business model in the long term.

I got involved in this project when I ran into Ulrike at the Vision Summit in Berlin. I met her two months ago in India where we met at a conference and traveled to the Taj Mahal together. I told her about about my fascination for India, and then she told me that she is building a school in Khajuraho and that she is actually looking for somebody like me to get involved. “Why don’t you come to Khajuraho and decide after seeing the place?” she said.

So two weeks later I am sitting in a plane to Delhi (right now!) and will make my way to Khajuraho. I will meet Ulrike and others from the team and we will write (more) concepts, business plans and funding strategies. It’s an adventure, and I’m very excited about it.

In order to cover some living expenses while I don’t have a steady income, I am offering freelance translations for German/English marketing texts / ad copy (hire me!).

Read the full story and the background of the WEschool, and check out the WEschool blog!

what a nice idea to upcycle car tires into a bike stand! how did i never see this great fit? (thx, fernanda!)

really looking forward to my month-long trip to india (leaving in two weeks)! will especially be looking out for jugaad solutions incorporating upcycling – always impressed by the ingenuity of people making things work!

wrap-up of the amazing unbox festival 2012 – arts at the intersections – in delhi!

lots of inspiration at the unbox festival! marije vogelzang’s project ‘eat love budapest’ really moved me, what a great way to combine human interaction, food and storytelling for peace!