just dicovered the global innovation game, a facebook game aiming to create ideas for a better world. still in beta, but i like the concept. will have to explore more, and i wonder how good the resonance has been so far

energy streetfight was supposed to start this weekend, and since i still live with half a foot on stargarder, i thought it’d be fun to join!

i like what i’ve heard about the idea so far (after all, my failed start-up karmagames was all about improving the world with a playful approach), but unfortunately i missed the street party on the weekend. today i finally found out that they really did launch.

maybe it’s me, but the first impression wouldn’t make me come back. as much as i like games with a pro-ecosocial background (in this case saving energy), i think a game needs to be first and foremost fun and innovative. anything else just won’t fly.

yes, i do realize energy streetfight is an experimental project, and yes, i know that a typical start-up advice is go live/test in real-world early. however, for games there’s the twist that you burn potential players if you launch a product that is sub-par. and i don’t mind bad graphics, after all i immediately bought a wii when it came out. but there needs to be a good gameplay, something that makes it fun to interact. check out jesse shell if you’re interested in learning more.

right now, i don’t recognize any gameplay. yes, there’s a task and a goal, but my possible actions are very limited, and right now it seems like i can’t do anything but wait till next week when i can punch in how much energy i saved. i can hardly find my avatar or what my current status is- all not very engaging.

i really hope they will massively improve this game, there’s just so much potential in this area. and since i like their background, i will give them a second chance to step up their game. i hope i won’t be the only one.