on september 24, more than 1500 people will dance silently through the streets of berlin for a renewable future! the music will come from a DJ on an electric car (powered by green energy!), but not played over loudspeakers, but through headphones! this is the silent climate parade!

on the international day of climate action ’moving planet’, we want to show that a renewable future can be fun, probably even should be fun! we need to be creative. be open for new experiences. for example with a demonstration that’s a little different- more colorful, less obtrusive, more fun.. and hopefully it will touch not only the brain but also the heart!

hundredthousands of people worldwide will be part of moving planet on september 24- join us and let’s start moving towards the renewable future!

reserve your headphones at !!

moving planet fb event  ·  silent climate parade berlin fb event

++ PLEASE NOTE: the event starts at Breitscheidplatz, near Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche in Charlottenburg ++

confirmed DJs:


  • 12:00-14:00  headphone distribution + intro DJ
  • 14:00-16:00  parade
  • 16:00-18:00  rallye + outro DJ

[EDIT: please help us fundraise for the event at]

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today! 24 hours of climate reality via back-to-back web-livecasts! climate change is already happening, and we have to work harder to avoid runaway climate change!

check it out at

join us on september 24 for the global day of action, moving planet! find your local event at! in berlin, we’re going to have a silent climate parade, so if you’re around, join in and bring your friends!

heute abend findet im haus der kulturen der welt die eröffnung des über lebenskunst festivals statt- vier tage lang wird dort gezeigt, versucht, getestet, wie ein nachhaltigeres leben möglich ist. ein persönliches highlight für mich wird die neuauflage der fahrrad-disko sein, auf die ich auch nochmal getrennt aufmerksam machen werde.

[UPDATE:] neues video zeigt impressionen vom aufbau- jetzt bin ich mächtig gespannt auf heute abend!

pretty video capturing the atmosphere at luft & liebe festival. too bad i missed it again.. next year!

yeah! with a great video! in berlin, we’re organizing a massive silent climate parade on september 24, will you join us?

the music in this video is by ludovico einaudi, who is playing an open-air show at waschhaus in potsdam tonight! hope the sky will play along and not send us rain!

[it’s great that this video is the feature of my 100th post!]

somalia is currently experiencing the “worst humanitarian disaster” in the world due to the rain season being absent for the second year in a row. according to the world food program, 10 million people need humanitarian aid.

massive help is needed, and everybody can do something! for example, on saturday (july 23) a flea market is taking place at st. elisabeth-kirche (around rosenthaler platz) to collect money for médecins sans frontières’ crisis work: “KEIN DURST! Ein Flohmarkt der helfen soll”. great idea! i hope there will be lots of people who have wanted to free up some space in their apartments/basements anyway and/or want to find some new treasures so we’ll get some money together. a very pro-active answer and i wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that a significant amount of money will be raised!

oh and yes, i know it’s impossible to link specific weather events to climate change, but the enormous amount and repeated occurrence of weather-related catastrophes suggest how very unlikely it is that there is no larger structural change at work. the world needs decisive and fair international political action ASAP!

al gore is planning a new presentation, and it will launch with a worldwide 24-hour event on september 14! it will be a round-the- clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time.

great preparation for the action day ‘moving planet’ on september 24!

these kingbins look really great- and they’re made from recycled barrels!

another beautful piece of jewelry: con razón, corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

Con Razón, Corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

all made by elreinventor, who is also exhibiting his work with sustainable clothing designers banuq and reclothings at ‘three ethical bastards’ on 4 july 2011:

three ethical bastards

in diesem jahr vertrete ich deutschland, und es wird vor allem darum gehen, eine deutsche/berliner aktion zum “moving planet – a day to move beyond fossil fuels” zu veranstalten/organisieren/begleiten/kommunizieren.

freue mich mal wieder ein event zu veranstalten, und es wird wahrscheinlich wieder sehr in die richtung “musikevent” gehen, was mein ehemaliges booking-herz höherschlagen lässt.

alle berliner, die gerne bei diesem globalen aktionstag aktiv dabei sein möchten und gemeinsam mit menschen aus aller welt ihren Politikern sagen wollen, dass es endlich zeit für einen ambitionierten, rechtlich-bindenden und global-gerechten Klimavertrag wird, sind herzlich eingeladen zum info-netzwerktreffen zu kommen und mehr über und moving planet zu erfahren!

und ab zum facebook event