buddy beers is launching it’s app tomorrow with a party in berlin (fb event)! they’re also giving away smartphones and tickets to the euro cup 2012- check out their blog for a chance to win! prost!

lobo über das scheitern, rede beim entrepreneurship summit. recht hat er: scheitern gehört zum machen dazu. und probieren geht über diskutieren. fail often, fail early.

frohes neues!

bernd kolbs treffende analyse unserer zeit beim entreprenurship summit 2011, mit ein paar gedanken zu werten mit denen wir nach vorne blicken können. man kann unsere situation kaum besser beschreiben. diese stunde sollte man sich nehmen! (thx, lina!)

cindy gallop has a bunch of very smart insights for like-minded entrepreneurs.

i’ve been asked, how i could be so critical of our capitalistic system and still think of myself as a social business entrepreneur. it’s actually not too difficult for a few reasons:

1) i do not think it is a capitalistic society, when our banks are too big to fail and bailed out by government. i do not want to advocate for more radical free markets, i just want to restate that what we have is closer to crony capitalism than anything else.

2) i believe in creating value, not money. and to create long-term (‘sustainable’) value, people and planet come first, and while profit should be part of the game, it is merely a means to stay afloat within the current environment. it’s important to remember that not everything of value is actually compensated through money. in fact, almost nothing of value is. the main problem i see in crony business is that profit maximization trumps everything else. that’s why i support yunus’ social business model.

3) i see business as the process of creating value (or utility), and making it accessible to people outside of your personal circles. i don’t think business needs to a handful of ruthless scrooges exploiting their people, maximizing externalities and elbowing away the competition; but creating meaningful value for everybody (not just those traditionally considered ‘stakeholders’), and a better future.

4) we need to change a lot of things in the world. i want to be that change because i think buckminster fuller is right in saying ‘to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’ and i simply don’t know a task that is more exciting in life than imagining/inventing/building the future!

missed this at berlin fashion week: clothes and fabric from milk! the material is described with such great attributes (shall we call it milksilk?) and i’m looking forward to the men’s collection!

even though milk has a high carbon footprint, it appears that this fabric is quite ecofriendly, since it uses milk that would’ve otherwise been thrown away, and the entire production process is fairly quick, local and uses no chemicals. also, it’s an impressive water footprint: for one kilo of material, it only needs 2l of water, not 20.000l like cotton does. it also seems like it can be used for lots more as well, e.grrrrr. medical uses since it’s antibacterial.

by the way: what an entrepreneur! she started her own fashion label at 19, while getting her diploma in microbiology and has now been conducting research on the milksilk for two years now!

klassischer fall von “man muss es einfach machen”- auf pfandgeben kann man pfandflaschen abholen lassen. habe mir schon öfter gedacht, das müsste man aufziehen, v.a. weil sich bei uns die flaschen meterhoch stapeln. jetzt ist es ein projekt eines studenten und es wäre wirklich tolle wenn es klappt. viele flaschensammler sind sehr sympathische typen, die auch stolz darauf sind, ihr geld mit fleiß zu verdienen.

knackpunkte der überlegung waren immer die rekrutierung von sammlern und die kommunikation mit ihnen, sowie die bequemste art der abholung für die spender (v.a. automatisiert und damit skalierbar). bin sehr gespannt auf den fortgang dieses projekts!

terracycle benutzt müll als rohstoff und spornt menschen an müll zu trennen und zu recyclen- tolles konzept!

da fehlt noch ein marker in deutschland!

[EDIT: danke an kristina für den link zur deutschen initiative, die es anscheinend doch gibt:]

iq-consult bietet praktika im social entrepreneurship während des sommers an! tolle agentur für soziale innovation des ashoka-fellows norbert kunz von denen ich mich auch beraten lasse!

the other day i mentioned biomimicry and how important i believe it to be. perhaps one of the most famous proponents of this is gunter pauli, who i had the chance to hear talk at this year’s (wonderfully organized) vision summit. pauli is the mastermind behind ZERI and the blue economy– a visionary entrepreneur and author with a fascinating mind. in this video he visits günter faltin’s laboratory for entrepreneurship and talks about biomimicry (sorry, it’s in german):

not only is pauli a huge fan of learning from nature, he’s also strongly believes that a massive wave of entrepreneurship will lead us towards the future. to push this movement forward, pauli shares his extensive knowledge of exciting and disruptive innovations, and presents 100 business models that just need driven individuals to implement them:

what i like most about pauli is his impatience with solutions that ‘do no harm’ and his insistence on solutions that have highly positive impacts. this kind of broader (re-)thinking highly resonates with me. and it reminds me that i’ll have to write a post on cradle-to-cradle soon.