LIFX: smart color-changing lightbulb, currently crowdfunding. innovative in the way that it gives you more control over your home lighting, and that’s the main argument for it. at the same time, it’s an LED and therefore very energy-efficient.

this is exactly how i think the sustainable future needs to be communicated: people should not have to buy (into) anything just because it’s better for the environment (the ‘moral’ argument), but because it is an idea/solution that they like better than the current alternatives (because it’s more fun, desirable, convenient, etc.).

another example: SmartThings, a device designed to give you an enormous amount of control and automation over your home, which has a great energy saving potential (also crowdfunding).

click click clicktivism? push button, save planet? still, the carbon pollution standard would be a step into the right direction.. and it’s really just a click away.

machtfaktor erde. great two-part documentary on future problems through climate change, including water, resource wars, territorial conflicts, land grabbing, etc. this should also be subtitled in english; realizing how the world is experiencing changes and preparing for more should be a major call to action. climate change will be the underlying master challenge of the next century, and it was caused by our ‘economic’ activities that led us to exploit our planet with brutal force. even the IEA acknowledges that ’the door is closing’.

full videos (in german): part 1 & part 2

these guys are full of energy. and they produce energy. hilarious & awesome!!

nice video from the tar sand protests in front of the white house!

posted about this before, but this seems to be getting huge! so far 275 people have let themselves be arrested to protest the keystone xl pipeline. more info from the ny times,, grist’s nice video & a slightly longer guardian feature.

if you’re a US resident, you can support the protests by signing the petition! if civil disobedience is not for you, or you’re not in D.C., join the worldwide action day moving planet on september 24!

more than 50 people are held in jail after the tar sands civil disobedience action in front of the white house protesting the keystone xl pipeline, including bill mckibben. the protests are supposed to continue during the next two weeks. if you’re a US resident, you can also support them by signing the petition!

energy streetfight was supposed to start this weekend, and since i still live with half a foot on stargarder, i thought it’d be fun to join!

i like what i’ve heard about the idea so far (after all, my failed start-up karmagames was all about improving the world with a playful approach), but unfortunately i missed the street party on the weekend. today i finally found out that they really did launch.

maybe it’s me, but the first impression wouldn’t make me come back. as much as i like games with a pro-ecosocial background (in this case saving energy), i think a game needs to be first and foremost fun and innovative. anything else just won’t fly.

yes, i do realize energy streetfight is an experimental project, and yes, i know that a typical start-up advice is go live/test in real-world early. however, for games there’s the twist that you burn potential players if you launch a product that is sub-par. and i don’t mind bad graphics, after all i immediately bought a wii when it came out. but there needs to be a good gameplay, something that makes it fun to interact. check out jesse shell if you’re interested in learning more.

right now, i don’t recognize any gameplay. yes, there’s a task and a goal, but my possible actions are very limited, and right now it seems like i can’t do anything but wait till next week when i can punch in how much energy i saved. i can hardly find my avatar or what my current status is- all not very engaging.

i really hope they will massively improve this game, there’s just so much potential in this area. and since i like their background, i will give them a second chance to step up their game. i hope i won’t be the only one.

3d-sand-printer running on solar power only! cells create the electricity and then sunrays are bundled to create a drawing point. awesome work by markus kayser!

he also created a solar cutter, that runs on nothing but energy from the sun as well. fascinating, this solarsinter project!

“in short, we have to live within nature’s budget of renewable resources at rates of natural replenishment” – very nice, post-carbon institute!