nice animation on how we treat the natural world (thx, esther!)

our planet from space, in time-lapse, would make great VJ visuals.

nice world carbon footprint visualization on earth overshoot day.

[EDIT: earth overshoot day happened on september 27, 2011- about a month later than in 2010. unfortunately, this doesn’t mean, we’ve taken better care this year, but it has to do with the measurement uncertainty]

i enjoy this greenpeace video “the earth breathing” very much. it makes me think about how our world is organic, not mechanic. that’s why i believe that biomimicry solutions are so much more powerful than ‘traditional’ engineering.

the name reminds me of this really well-made map highlighting real-time statistics of co2 emissions, population growth, etc.:

beautiful in every way. thanks, terje sørgjerd!