short video with excerpts of the most inspiring talk i have seen all year: cameron sinclair founded architecture for humanity and builds meaningful buildings all over the world for people that need it most.

during his talk he churned out so many good quotes that it was hard to keep up with writing them down, all the while showing countless projects that he helped build and making a point through each example (something like 4000 in over 48 countries?). his basic message was that architecture is not about sculptures, but about the entire design process that engages the community – and that there are enormous opportunities for those architects that dare to quit being a ‘CAD monkey’ hoping to work on that big project with the famous star architect one day. there are actually 6 billion people out there who will be genuinely grateful for your work in their communities.

one of my favorite quotes: “there are a million ways to save the world, but as an architect, if you don’t build it you’re not doing anything.” also, check out his book design like you give a damn.

(thx, richard & WDCD!)

pretty awesome: a bike made out of cardboard – for less than $10! it’s strong enough for a person as heavy as 300 pounds, resists water & humidity, and it doesn’t look all to bad either! (thx, reset!)

what design can do 2012

attended the amazing what design can do conference at the beautiful stadsschouwburg in amsterdam last week. amazingly inspiring conference, wonderful people to meet, quite a few great speakers, fun and interactive breakout sessions, absolutely smooth organization, and a pretty good afterparty in the end!
i made a storify from the #WDCD tweets, reflecting my personal view on the conference!

lots of inspiration at the unbox festival! marije vogelzang’s project ‘eat love budapest’ really moved me, what a great way to combine human interaction, food and storytelling for peace!

nest, the thermostat that learns about you, so you don’t have to learn about it! neat idea, elegant design; very curious how well it will work and how quick you’ll have your money back by saving energy!

available for pre-order in the US now, hope it will be available in germany soon! (thanks dkomm from another nest for the hint!)

good fucking design advice for monday morning

so simple, so good.

these kingbins look really great- and they’re made from recycled barrels!

another beautful piece of jewelry: con razón, corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

Con Razón, Corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

all made by elreinventor, who is also exhibiting his work with sustainable clothing designers banuq and reclothings at ‘three ethical bastards’ on 4 july 2011:

three ethical bastards