what an awesome project! currently crowdfunding at indiegogo with this heart-warming video.

educational yet funny short film with vinnie jones (that bad-ass british actor) on performing CPR – nice example of properly using a celebrity in your pro-social communication.

orwell vs. huxley comic. i’m a big fan of postman since i read ‘amusing ourselves to death’ for susan douglas’ media & culture class.

i like this guy for the fact that he presents quantitative data and not only anecdotes or ‘common sense’. for sure there’s an art to social media, but there is also a science. i fully agree with his main points for social media communication:

  • – quantity is always better than quality, to increase your reach
  • – avoid crowds: share on weekends
  • – to be shared, content needs to be interesting, not engaging
  • – stop talking about yourself!
  • – help your audience make their friends look cool
  • – good story structure: the villain is wronging the victim
  • – give your audience a box of crayons, not a rubber stamp