tolles video der klares licht kampagne! gute infos, und ästhetisch ansprechend. anschaun und dann hoffentlich auf LEDs umsteigen! und natürlich auf facebook connecten!

nice video from the tar sand protests in front of the white house!

posted about this before, but this seems to be getting huge! so far 275 people have let themselves be arrested to protest the keystone xl pipeline. more info from the ny times,, grist’s nice video & a slightly longer guardian feature.

if you’re a US resident, you can support the protests by signing the petition! if civil disobedience is not for you, or you’re not in D.C., join the worldwide action day moving planet on september 24!

nice world carbon footprint visualization on earth overshoot day.

[EDIT: earth overshoot day happened on september 27, 2011- about a month later than in 2010. unfortunately, this doesn’t mean, we’ve taken better care this year, but it has to do with the measurement uncertainty]

mal gut erklärt, wie der (verpflichtende) emissionshandel den deutschen energiekonzernen windfall profits ermöglichte und dem klima so gar nicht geholfen hat.

according to the environmental working group, lamb has a higher carbon footprint than beef. most of the other items on this list are probably well known, but i thought i’d post it as a saturday reminder.

would really like to see this movie! recently a friend brought to my attention, how damaging our use of turf is, yet 99% of the soil sold for house plants is said turf.

swamps store large amounts of co2, but when dried out to produce turf, it is released into the atmosphere. and we are using it up rapidly. we need sustainable solutions!

mal etwas längeres für den sonntag: artes “flaschenwahn statt wasserhahn” (teil 2) doku über das relativ moderne phänomen von wasser in flaschen.

obwohl leitungswasser (vor allem in D) eigentlich eine sehr hohe qualität besitzt, rollt der rubel im bottled water geschäft- leitungswasser hat schliesslich keine marketingabteilung oder -budget. damit verkauft sich z.b. wasser aus fiji in alle welt, während ein drittel der bevölkerung kein sauberes trinkwasser hat!

still lots of problems to solve!

interesting feature by national geographic (thx, danbar!)

another graphic plea to run those servers we use every day on renewable energy!

at home, naturstrom provides currently an energy mix of 72% water and 28% wind power. they are one of the four trustworthy green energy providers in germany. of course, this isn’t enough and we all need to push those tech companies to go greener. and we don’t have to start with the big companies. ask your IT-guy where your webpage is hosted, whether they use renewable energy and whether energy efficiency is on their agenda (and by when it would be possible to switch in case the answers are disappointing). or ask your favorite website(s)/blogs what they are doing.

and then there’s the big ones. i’m an apple user and i admit, i’d never switch just because of their eco-social footprint- my macbook pro is too damn useful. but that doesn’t mean i can’t send them e-mails with critical and impatient questions or suggestions. you can also use ecosia instead of google (and yes i know, WWF is currently under massive attack and i still haven’t seen the video in its entirety yet), which seems like a good alternative to me. of course also the greenpeace initiative ’unfriend coal’ asking facebook to get rid of those coal power plants (video)!

anyway, the electronics industry has a long way towards a sustainable future. no doubt, they offer spectacular opportunities to be smarter and greener. but they also need to keep their own house clean. and CO2-emissions are not even everything, heard of coltan mining yet?

by the way, while one could say that aviation only contributes 2% to the CO2-emissions, they are also responsible for other greenhouse gases (GHG) such as NOX or water vapor, a lot of which have a much higher global warming potential (GWP). since emissions taking place at higher altitudes, any responsible carbon footprint calculation should include the RFI (radiative forcing index), a multiplication factor of at least 2,7 (and up to 4, science is not yet 98% conclusive).

i enjoy this greenpeace video “the earth breathing” very much. it makes me think about how our world is organic, not mechanic. that’s why i believe that biomimicry solutions are so much more powerful than ‘traditional’ engineering.

the name reminds me of this really well-made map highlighting real-time statistics of co2 emissions, population growth, etc.: