short video with excerpts of the most inspiring talk i have seen all year: cameron sinclair founded architecture for humanity and builds meaningful buildings all over the world for people that need it most.

during his talk he churned out so many good quotes that it was hard to keep up with writing them down, all the while showing countless projects that he helped build and making a point through each example (something like 4000 in over 48 countries?). his basic message was that architecture is not about sculptures, but about the entire design process that engages the community – and that there are enormous opportunities for those architects that dare to quit being a ‘CAD monkey’ hoping to work on that big project with the famous star architect one day. there are actually 6 billion people out there who will be genuinely grateful for your work in their communities.

one of my favorite quotes: “there are a million ways to save the world, but as an architect, if you don’t build it you’re not doing anything.” also, check out his book design like you give a damn.

(thx, richard & WDCD!)

time-lapse video of a supposedly sustainable building built within 6 days in china! probably not the most eco-friendly building, but a fascinating video!