what would british roads look like if they were treated like cycle lanes?

the same goes for berlin! actually, studies show that using bike lanes in germany is in fact much more dangerous than riding on the street, apparently even 12 times as dangerous!! again: people using bike lanes are much more likely to be injured/killed than those riding on the street – how insane is that!?

who will make a short documentary of berlin like casey neistat did in NYC?


What would British roads look like if we treated them the same way we do our cycle lanes?

by Dave Hall. London Cycling Campaign, 02.07.12.

Don’t forget to post the location where you want a Go Dutch walking and cycling project on our map so we can tell Boris and the London Assembly on 12 July…

what a nice idea to upcycle car tires into a bike stand! how did i never see this great fit? (thx, fernanda!)

really looking forward to my month-long trip to india (leaving in two weeks)! will especially be looking out for jugaad solutions incorporating upcycling – always impressed by the ingenuity of people making things work!

nice bike rack designed by cyclehoop. 10 bikes parked in the space of one car. it’s simply urban space efficient.

thinking ‘bout the summer, thinking ’bout a pleasant revolution.

i fully agree with kipchoge, we really need some radical change to fix this screwed up world, and it’s not worth it if the revolution is not any fun and only means sacrifice. beautiful song from justin ancheta, too!

nice animation project using bikes!

i’ve had enough bikes stolen to appreciate this whole-heartedly! and i probably would have aimed at the areas that hurt most!!

hells yeah! ♥


Car, Bus or Bike?