la soif du monde / a thirsty world – the new film by yann arthus-bertrand on the global water and sanitation crisis! i was lucky enough to see the premiere in marseille last week (at the rather disappointing world water forum), and it was fantastic. i almost liked it more than his last film, home.

i’m a huge fan of yann, ever since i stumbled upon his earth from above outdoor exhibition in london. a few years later i was also lucky enough to see the fantastic 6 milliards d’autres exhibition in paris. and now he’s involved in the same business i am!

astronomy video with a motivational touch. happy monday!


Milky Mirror (by Iceland Aurora (Photo Tours))

our planet from space, in time-lapse, would make great VJ visuals.

beautifully shot video from yann arthus-bertrand on the topic of forests: “is the essential being destroyed to produce the superfluous?”

after “the mountain,” another amazing video from terje sørgjerd! this guy really knows how to put together amazing nature shots with moving pieces of music. happy weekend!

beautiful in every way. thanks, terje sørgjerd!