what an awesome project! currently crowdfunding at indiegogo with this heart-warming video.

not necessarily green or social, but impressive how far bboy culture has evolved! (thx, alessandro!)

brainpickings, a great blog on interesting and awesome things!

these guys are full of energy. and they produce energy. hilarious & awesome!!

beautifully shot video from yann arthus-bertrand on the topic of forests: “is the essential being destroyed to produce the superfluous?”

missed this at berlin fashion week: clothes and fabric from milk! the material is described with such great attributes (shall we call it milksilk?) and i’m looking forward to the men’s collection!

even though milk has a high carbon footprint, it appears that this fabric is quite ecofriendly, since it uses milk that would’ve otherwise been thrown away, and the entire production process is fairly quick, local and uses no chemicals. also, it’s an impressive water footprint: for one kilo of material, it only needs 2l of water, not 20.000l like cotton does. it also seems like it can be used for lots more as well, e.grrrrr. medical uses since it’s antibacterial.

by the way: what an entrepreneur! she started her own fashion label at 19, while getting her diploma in microbiology and has now been conducting research on the milksilk for two years now!

now that’s a way to take action! not very subtle or sophisticated, but it certainly generated lots of media and attention with a strong message!

although i wouldn’t recommend this to people who are not mayor of their city.. and i would have preferred to see a really expensive car like the ferrari in the leading role..

now imagine this would all be bikes, e-mobility, LED lights and renewable energy!

great interview with lutz pfannenstiel, the founder of an initiative i also support: global united f.c., which is the world’s largest football charity that deals with climate change and the environment.

i think football is a huge cultural force in our society, and as such, it can be a cultural impulse we need to rethink our world in a more sustainable way. i believe that football and footballers can spread a message, especially among kids, much quicker than perhaps politicians can, and it’s great to see that already 300 players support this organization!