“if you try and stop the pen, then you’re inviting the gun”

nice video from the occupy india / anonymous protests on june 9, against the indian government’s efforts to shut down internet sites including e.g. vimeo (how the hell did they pick vimeo that’s really known for high-quality videos that are shared by their producers!?). NH7 also published an interesting chat with anonymous india. (video by the awesome now delhi, discovered at wild city)

as a part of occupy berlin, i’m so happy to see this! people around the world are standing up for their legitimate rights. young people everywhere are realizing that we need to change the world. that democracy needs action and active participation. that they will no longer by silenced by the opium of consumerism or straight out oppression. right now, #opindia is fighting internet censorship, but who knows what will be next. maybe corruption?

one thing i am a little wary of is the aggressive tone. yes, it’s quite typical for anonymous, but not that typical for occupy. i’d like to contribute this video (on vimeo!!) from occupylove to the movement here, with charles eisenstein (the gift economy) talking about creating a world that works for everybody.

interessanter beitrag zur aktuellen situation der erstarkens der bürgerpartizipation.

diskussionen um das netz basieren fast ausschließlich auf der prämisse des ’technological determinism’. ich sehe hier einen großen fehler: meiner meinung bestimmt letztenendes die gesellschaft, zu welchem zweck technologie benutzt wird. ich sehe immer mehr menschen die unzufrieden damit sind, wie die systeme seit einiger zeit (nicht mehr) funktionieren. auch der rückzug ins private klappt immer weniger. dieser gesellschaftliche zeitgeist ist der grund und auslöser für die entwicklungen in diesem jahr, das ‘internet’ nur der katalysator. ich bin jedenfalls sehr gespannt auf 2012!

das rad der geschichte ist in schwung gekommen. wir sind am ende einer ära.

[EDIT: i would never have thought i’d post a video from fox, but it seems to be the best video available] here a good video on the #occupywallstreet protests, since most media outlets seem to be ignoring these news. people are gathering outside of the wall street financial institutions and protesting! apparently, adbusters started mobilizing for this protest, and then anonymous jumping on board.

it appears that the ‘arab revolutions’ are inspiring people all over the world to take their frustration to the streets and protest the systems that so obviously fail us. for two years now, it feels like we are living in a constant state of crisis. with governments all around the world failing to address these systemic problems, it’s great to see people claiming their democratic rights and speak out. this is reason for hope that we won’t be ’shocked’ into more neoconservative disaster capitalism.

[EDIT: nice collection of images and videos at al jazeera]