nice project from mama hope!

corporate america world (thx, ian!)

inspirational commencement speech: don’t work. be hated. love someone.

resist the temptation to get a job. instead, play.

well-done movie from the university of minnesota’s institute on the environment, that frames the food problem quite well.

for more on this and to hear a good case for his idea of ‘terraculture – farming for the whole planet’, check out jonathan fowley’s TED talk ’the other inconvenient truth’.

not sure i agree 100%, but i definitely found it engaging!

i’d really rather not post a nike viral video, but i have to admit that this is a pretty well done viral ad. the story is, the guy got money to shoot an ad, and blew it all on travelling the world with his friend.

it’s from the same guy who made the video about how easy it is to steal a bike in NYC. would be interesting to test that in berlin.

to quote a comment on the TED blog, “I think we’ve just found our TED Prize 2013 winner.”

incredible, personal, and inspiring talk on the importance of identity and its consequences on justice, using very powerful storytelling. i consider it one the greatest TED talks i have ever seen. standing ovation.

this was perhaps my favorite talk at TEDxBerlin 2011, it’s really one of my life philosophies: don’t let routine take over. switch things up, try new things, be open to surprises, see with different eyes. move to a different place, don’t get attached to too many objects. feel the magic of being alive.

looking forward to TEDxChange in berlin on thursday!

charles eisenstein talking about the gift economy. same guy that was featured in the awesome occupy love clip! his video speaks a lot to me, and the solutions he lists make a lot of sense (negative interest, internalization of costs, social dividend, relocalization, p2p finance), gonna check out his book!

an economy that embodies the principles of the gift is an economy that is simply grounded in the truth. the task before us is to align money with the true expression of our gifts.