buddy beers is launching it’s app tomorrow with a party in berlin (fb event)! they’re also giving away smartphones and tickets to the euro cup 2012- check out their blog for a chance to win! prost!

grow – nice green street art project with moss typography by anna garforth! also, check out edina tokodi and the recipe how to do it yourself!

what an awesome project! currently crowdfunding at indiegogo with this heart-warming video.

a generation waking up – it’s definitely too late to be a pessimist!

we live at a time when our lives and actions matter more than ever before. what will our legacy be?

la soif du monde / a thirsty world – the new film by yann arthus-bertrand on the global water and sanitation crisis! i was lucky enough to see the premiere in marseille last week (at the rather disappointing world water forum), and it was fantastic. i almost liked it more than his last film, home.

i’m a huge fan of yann, ever since i stumbled upon his earth from above outdoor exhibition in london. a few years later i was also lucky enough to see the fantastic 6 milliards d’autres exhibition in paris. and now he’s involved in the same business i am!

today is world water day! one day out of the year to talk about the massive water, sanitation and hygiene crisis that kills 4000 children every day. that’s more than HIV, malaria, and measles combined!

the entire week, more than 360,000 people are joining walks for water to bring attention to this major environmental and health issue. if you’re in berlin, you can join us at 15:00 (fb event)!

the story of sushi. and fishing. and a better world.

it just makes sense to support social business! if you’re interested and in berlin, come to sensedrinks (second wednesday every month)!

nice animation of rachel botsman’s collaborative consumption theory! (see her TED talk)

astronomy video with a motivational touch. happy monday!