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Director of Emergence / Perspectiva

Deadline: Any time on September 30 2020.

We’re looking for a Director of Emergence who understands that emergence cannot be directed. The job entails being a senior editor for the website, a leading force within an international network, and a primary fundraiser for the Emerge project, which is a distinctive movement-in-the-making as a response to a historical moment of a civilisation in crisis.

This role is a great opportunity for the right candidate to carve out their own role and build financial viability for their vision of a distinctive project.

We are offering a full-time contract initially limited to one year, but we will support the candidate on fundraising processes to help ensure their contract is renewed and extended. Part-time applicants and job sharers are welcome to apply and flexible working schedules are expected and welcome.

Salary: 45,000€ (gross) per annum, or above for exceptional candidates. There is scope to increase the salary level in year two and beyond through successful fundraising.

Location: The Emerge project currently has a European focus and for strategic and operational reasons we would like the candidate to be based in Berlin if possible. However, finding the right person for this exciting and exacting role is of paramount importance, and we are also hoping to build our presence in other European cities and beyond, so applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of their geographic location.

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