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LIFX: smart color-changing lightbulb, currently crowdfunding. innovative in the way that it gives you more control over your home lighting, and that’s the main argument for it. at the same time, it’s an LED and therefore very energy-efficient. this is exactly how i think the sustainable future needs to be communicated: people should not have […]

Official Promo Video for the Silent Climate Parade 2012! This year, we’ll dance to the beats from these DJs: Jake The Rapper (Bar 25), NU (Bar 25), Blenn&Gleich (Plastik Park), Viperflo (Keller). Please support our crowdfunding campaign via betterplace, either with a contribution or a share/like/report/retweet etc.! (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

the silent climate parade will roll again through berlin this september! remember, when we danced through berlin to demonstrate (for) a sustainable future? if not, read the description below to get and idea of what we’re all about! and check out the 2011 video (thx, laurent!) & the website! the plan for 2012: on september […]

dieses video über goldman sachs macht gerade die runde, würde das schon als akkurate doku einschätzen, auch wenn die sprache nicht immer ganz journalistisch-neutral klingt (remember this guy?). es wird zeit, dieses widerliche finanz- & geldsystem zu ändern! [in german, hope english subtitles will be added soon!] (Source: http://projecthires.tumblr.com/)

‘misfits’ are fruits and veggies that have a different size or shape so they don’t fit the “industrialized standards” and often get left behind, even though they are perfectly edible. the culinary misfits are two designers that save these misfits from becoming waste by cooking delicious – organic, local and seasonal – meals. they have […]

http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf love the energy in her speech, the storytelling, and her message of empowerment! incredible edible makes a great case for urban gardening and edible landscapes. for the same reason of increasing our resilience, i’m a big fan of projects like prinzessinnengarten, an urban gardening experiment in berlin. in fact, it is currently collecting signatures […]

annie leonard’s latest film of her story of stuff project is her best piece by far, and has turned me into a fan, because i think that it has finally arrived at the most essential and important part of her message. in case you haven’t seen any of her videos yet, they are cutely animated […]

short video with excerpts of the most inspiring talk i have seen all year: cameron sinclair founded architecture for humanity and builds meaningful buildings all over the world for people that need it most. during his talk he churned out so many good quotes that it was hard to keep up with writing them down, […]