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where is home – a film exploring the identity issues of third culture kids and the most difficult question for us to answer. my answer usually depends on who is asking, but my favorite one is “where i lay my head is home.” there’s an instant connection to people who really understand that feeling. one […]

[EDIT: sorry, the video isn’t embeddable, follow the link here: vimeo.com/44124657] i don’t remember who i got this from – this has been on my notepad for a while – so i’m sorry for not crediting. this video explains a big deal of my work/life philosophy – a lot of “work” advice i get is […]

videaux makes videos for social projects (non-profits, social entrepreneurs…) – these are some images of their six month filming in Haiti, Argentina, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh (thx, makesense)! (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

nice animation on how we treat the natural world (thx, esther!) (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

GravityLight: i don’t know about its resource-efficiency, but this lamp makes a lot of sense: replacing the battery by using gravity’s potential energy makes this a much more eco-friendly product and presumably increases its life-span due to less ‘high-tech’ parts that need specialized maintenance. no wonder they already raised three times the amount (as of […]

dan ariely, author of predictably irrational, with some more amazingly fascinating insights on the human condition – in a great RSAanimate video! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

i’ve been told it doesn’t have anything to do with sanskrit, but it’s still pretty good. apparently it’s from chérie carter-scott’s book “if life is a game, these are the rules”

most of these figures seem fairly accurate, at least the general dimensions/relations!