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We’re back! SenseCamp Berlin is taking place from July 24-26 – 3 days of action with the global MakeSense movement! SenseCamp is an unconference for social entrepreneurship and innovation. The highly interactive and community-based event brings together the global MakeSense network and regional ecosystems to boost action and engagement. SenseCamp is the place to discover […]

What is MakeSense all about?

Sometimes it’s not easy to keep an overview of all the wonderful videos/tumblrs/articles/links that are part of the MakeSense ecosystem. This is my attempt at a collection. Please feel free to add other links! The newest MakeSense video is a great introduction (thx, Videaux): Christian explains the Hold-Up: Christian explains MakeSense: SenseCamps Two videos from […]

Reclaim the Republic

i think this is more than appropriate for a post on independence day: i have been a big fan of lawrence lessig since i read his books in college on copyright – his insight that a world where everything is copyrighted would diminish creativity made a lot of sense, and i shared his outrage with […]

in solidarity with the people of turkey! it’s been horrifying to read messages from my friends in istanbul about civil war-like circumstances- and i’m still worried that i haven’t heard back from some people since their last messages around 11pm CET [EDIT: they are safe, unlike these people]. this german TV report with english subtitles […]

I wish this video was in English, so non-German speakers could understand this. There is a world-class scandal happening in Germany at this moment: It is just absolutely outrageous how the life of whistleblower Gustl Mollath is being destroyed. For seven years he has been held detained against his will – not in a regular […]

this is not exactly verified, but has been re-posted by a few of my friends. using media distortion tactics and agents provocateurs is pretty common, so it would actually surprise me if erdogan would not be using them: “The government in collaboration with the police and the media staged a theater play (with terrible actors) […]

check out the inspiring czech artist-activist collective Ztohoven! for their project moral reform, they got ALL of the czech parliament members’ mobile numbers, and created a “parliamentary drama of 223 persons and 585 lines” by sending them 585 SMS messages during a session that was broadcasted live on TV. but the SMS were sent on behalf […]

“please support us!”

i see this over and over: people’s ‘viral’ facebook campaigns never really take off because they are still caught in the mentality of one-to-many communication. it seems like all they know to do it “me, me, me!”-style attention whoring. why don’t they simply try engagement and empowerment? if you do not like, comment on and […]

SenseCamp is coming home: One year after we launched the first event, we’re doing it again: SenseCamp Berlin 2013! February 9, 2013 at Social Impact Lab Berlin // (fb event) tickets at sensecamp-berlin2013.eventbrite.com  SenseCamp is a barcamp dedicated to social entrepreneurship: It brings together social entrepreneurs, social business enthusiasts and the MakeSense gang for one […]

zwar wird im film nicht deutlich, ob die einkäufer tatsächlich repräsentativ waren oder eher die ausnahmer darstellten, dennoch interessantes experiment. da frage ich mich: hören die leute nicht zu, verstehen sie es nicht, oder ist es ihnen wirklich egal? wer zeigen will dass es ihr/ihm nicht egal ist, kann morgen auf die strasse gehen: (Source: […]