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How to get visibility in Online Communities

As part of a global network for social innovation enthusiasts, we’ve built numerous local ‘hotspots’ where our members engage online and offline to support all kinds of social causes. In Berlin, our facebook group has about 1500 people, and I try to redirect most personal requests to spread the word to support this, join here, or […]

Europe and the Refugee Question, January 2016

I get to talk to lots of different people when I’m traveling around the world. Many have a great picture of Germany, whether it’s because of renewable energy or the openness to refugees. However, just like the Energiewende has been slowly coming under scrutiny by outside observers, I think it’s time to look at how […]

Liberinantes – an Italian Inspiration

Today, I experienced another one of those moments that make me love what I do. It’s not about the glamorous moments speaking to powerful people, but rather the people who are strong in their principles and ideals, make things happen on the ground, and remain humble even while moving mountains. I had the immense pleasure […]

What a climate guy has to do with refugees

“You’re a climate guy – why are you jumping on the refugee bandwagon now?” “Aren’t you instrumentalizing the refugees for your climate message?” I was a bit shocked at these types of accusations when I brought up the topic of refugees in the context of climate at a few events recently. Initially, I didn’t think […]

HUMAN by Yann-Arthus Bertrand

If I got to pack a time capsule for future/distant generations to learn about us, this would be at or near the top of the list. Amazing portrait of #whatmakesushuman. Have followed Yann-Arthus Betrand for a while now, and this reminded me of his 6 millards d’autres exhibition I saw in Paris, that just absolutely […]

Google Impact Challenge – We’re in the finals!

Wow, we are a finalist of the Google Impact Challenge! 4 years of mobilizing more than 20.000 people around the world to solve challenges and help social entrepreneurs in the digital age – and now we’re on the last lap to win the prize from one of the biggest digital players in the world. It’s […]

#COP21 and the Road to Paris

My speech at the Silent Climate Parade focused on COP21 and I promised to post some information for people too lazy to surf the internet. Well, this won’t be a dissertation, but I wanted to collect and point to a few good resources for people to get started with talking about it. Leave more in the […]

Rede SCP 2015

Es hat Spaß gemacht, aber warum machen wir das? Ganz klar: Wir müssen niemandem sagen, dass die Lage ernst ist. Jeder weiß, dass die Lage Ernst ist.  Doch ich glaube auch an eines: Das Vergangene bestimmt nicht unser Schicksal. Wir haben die Zukunft in der Hand. Ich glaube an die Kraft der positiven Kommunikation. Wir […]

Humans Need Not Apply

This video is about a year old already, but it perfectly captures thoughts I’ve been having for a while and thinking about intensely as I was reading a lot on AI and machine learning. Eventually, we’ll all be out of a job. But isn’t that great? I always hated the argument ‘we create jobs’ as if […]

Germany and the Refugee Question, August 2015

70 years ago, germany only managed to get back on its feet because of the goodwill and $$ of other countries, even after having just cause an atrocious amount of death and destruction. today we are the 3rd largest weapons exporter and actually making $$ from death and destruction in the world. yet we’re showing […]