“please support us!”

i see this over and over: people’s ‘viral’ facebook campaigns never really take off because they are still caught in the mentality of one-to-many communication. it seems like all they know to do it “me, me, me!”-style attention whoring.

why don’t they simply try engagement and empowerment? if you do not like, comment on and share other people’s stuff, why should they do that to your content? if you engage actively, you’ll also show up in their news feed more often, and people will be more inclined to interact with you and spread your message. put yourself in the service of promoting a greater cause (answer the why!) instead of your organization. and don’t just keep yelling from where you are, but join the conversations other people are having elsewhere. amplify others, and they’ll be there to amplify you (mic check!).

how is this not common sense, at least among those thinking of themselves as ‘digital natives’ and ‘social innovators’, by now?