great case study of effective creative protest in action: getting the politicians to  improve the street quality in yekaterinburg through street art intervention!

the yes men are crowdfunding their next movie on the chamber of commerce, one of the major reasons that effective climate change legislation is not happening in the US! highly worth supporting, they are some of the most inspiring contemporary activists.

(if you don’t know it yet, check out their movie ’the yes men fix the world’)

they also made significant contributions to the book ’beautiful trouble – a toolbox for revolution’ which is indeed a book that’s a great resource for anybody interested in activism.

a bunch of good TED talks that have been published recently, including a talk by tristram stuart on the global food waste scandal, something i’ve liked to point out many times.

brené brown’s power of vulnerability is also a really great watch, and i’m pointing it out even though it’s been published for a while now, because she has a follow-up, listening to shame. i can highly recommend watching both in chronological order.

but my favorite recent TED talk was definitely amy cuddy’s talk on body language (above) and it’s influence on our self-perception. i like her reappropriation of ‘fake it until you make it’, and i think her points are really good. you probably have heard of the smiling example before, but i think we sometimes forget the fact that our body language is not only the effect of our emotional state, but also the cause. and while you’re watching the video, you actually have about 20 minutes to boost your emotional state with some wonder woman posing!