annie leonard’s latest film of her story of stuff project is her best piece by far, and has turned me into a fan, because i think that it has finally arrived at the most essential and important part of her message.

in case you haven’t seen any of her videos yet, they are cutely animated videos that started out with explaining the process of how things are produced, consumed, and disposed – and what effect that has on the planet.the next few videos were focused on the story behind certain consumer items (bottled water, cosmetics, electronics), the cap-and-trade system, and (my favorite till now) the subsidies to the fossil fuel industry.

the story of change is about her theory of change – and i’m glad to hear that she doesn’t propose that it’s just about changing your shopping patterns. i do think that buying better & less stuff is a good place to start if you can, but it must not stop there. i believe that the systems we have built (money, economy, nation states, education, health care, social services) are not working for us anymore, either due to fundamental changes to the world we live in or the fallibility of the human condition. i think we need to thoroughly rethink and redesign these systems, and that it needs to happen soon if we want to preserve a halfway-livable planet. and by redesign, i mean something that is closer to a revolution than a reform.

“the solutions we need are not for sale at the supermarket”

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