in mumbai there’s a cop going around with a hockey stick and shutting down clubs and killing the nightlife on the basis of archaic laws and moral codes. in a rolling stone interview, he tries to defend himself in a muddle of answers ranging from ‘fighting prostitution’, ‘saving lives’, and ‘only doing his job’. recently, he even tried to (illegally) take 4 tourist girls to the police station, accusing them of prostitution!

check out this very interesting NDTV documentary that offers a peek into the politics of modern indian society, including outdated laws and how they help fuel corruption. another personal view from a DJ is published at the wild city.

what’s new and impressive is that people are collectively standing up to this and taking action: the mumbai unite movement seeks to change the outdated laws, and support came from delhi at the “to mumbai, with love” event last weekend.

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