occupyeconomics. 300 economists stand with the occupy movement, and have published a statement.

supporting organization, econ4, caught my interest. they are proponents of economic models that benefit people, planet and the future. they have a nice video describing the problems with the friedmanite free-market disaster capitalism, but in this video below they also start mapping out solutions: they describe four necessary conditions for a better economic system:

  • – a level playing field: food, healthcare, education, clean & safe environment
  • – resilience: withstanding unexpected shocks
  • – true cost pricing: dirty products will be more expensive than clean products
  • – real democracy: reclaim democracy from self-interested parties

i fully agree with these points! the third point is what i have been saying for while now, especially when sitting in all those ‘green marketing’ conferences/talks. ecosocial products don’t have to be made more attractive, they just have to be cheaper. i don’t know anybody who would pay premium prices for products that use slave labor, degenerate their health, and steal our children’s future.

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