lobo über das scheitern, rede beim entrepreneurship summit. recht hat er: scheitern gehört zum machen dazu. und probieren geht über diskutieren. fail often, fail early.

frohes neues!

jamie oliver told us why western food is killing us and our children, mark bittman links individual food choice in the west to the future of our entire species.

not necessarily green or social, but impressive how far bboy culture has evolved! (thx, alessandro!)

media literacy 101, highly recommend watching this!

this has been one of my favorite quotes for a while now, but i finally found out it was from john lennon!

happy festivus (or whatever holiday you celebrate at the end of the year) everybody!

i’m going to take a break from the information overload cycle for a few days. there should be enough content on the blog to browse/watch, i’m sure you haven’t watched it all! ;)

i’m always happy to get feedback, either via tumblr or facebook– especially on the content selection, frequency and timing of the postings, the length of the written blog posts, posting in two languages, and whether i should switch to wordpress.

thinking ‘bout the summer, thinking ’bout a pleasant revolution.

i fully agree with kipchoge, we really need some radical change to fix this screwed up world, and it’s not worth it if the revolution is not any fun and only means sacrifice. beautiful song from justin ancheta, too!

what a courageous speech by an articulate young man. zach walls talks about what it means for him to have been raised by two lesbians.

the video is a little older, but just crossed my way via friends’ posts of the moveon shoutout.

obama could sign the NDAA (allow american citizens to be arrested on U.S. soil by the military without charge and detained indefinitely) as early as wednesday? that should take care of any leftover glimmer of hope in obama. that’s definitely a change alright, just not quite the one most people were hoping for (of a nobel peace prize winner, ha!): guantanamo forever.

every day it gets increasingly difficult to dispute that the US is a civilization in (rapid) decline. jon stewart’s daily show will one day likely be a historic record of this former superpower’s farcical political landscape and its deconstruction in the name of ‘economic progress’ and ideological ‘wars on terror’. don’t enough US citizens realize that every day their country is getting less robust, less fit to meet the challenges of the future (admittedly, europe isn’t doing such a swell job either, but the US is just crass)?

today i read some shocking figures on business insider (better version, less clicking), even though they just confirm the economic picture publicized in the wake of occupy. 57% of children live in ‘low income’ or impoverished homes. that’s more than half of a future generation that has been denied an equal opportunity. one out of three americans would not be able to pay their rent/mortgage next month if they lost their job. with such little back-up, it’s understandable that ‘medical debt’ accounts for 60% of bankruptcies. 50 million uninsured americans (16.7% of the pop’n, 1 out of 6) needn’t even lose their jobs to go bankrupt, but just have an accident or a medical problem.

how can one expect a nation to solve even the slightest future challenge, when it’s busy with so many self-created problems? it’s like a terminal-stage cancer patient trying to run a marathon (and not realizing the competition is actually a triathlon). one such challenge is that the US will eventually become one of the world’s climate change hotspots. closely related is the fact that an addiction to a limited ressource (fossil fuels) is simply suicidal.

occupy needs to make a major impact very soon for the US to be part of the future. if NDAA passes, it will present an even larger challenge and even slimmer chances of success.