machtfaktor erde. great two-part documentary on future problems through climate change, including water, resource wars, territorial conflicts, land grabbing, etc. this should also be subtitled in english; realizing how the world is experiencing changes and preparing for more should be a major call to action. climate change will be the underlying master challenge of the next century, and it was caused by our ‘economic’ activities that led us to exploit our planet with brutal force. even the IEA acknowledges that ’the door is closing’.

full videos (in german): part 1 & part 2

cindy gallop has a bunch of very smart insights for like-minded entrepreneurs.

i’ve been asked, how i could be so critical of our capitalistic system and still think of myself as a social business entrepreneur. it’s actually not too difficult for a few reasons:

1) i do not think it is a capitalistic society, when our banks are too big to fail and bailed out by government. i do not want to advocate for more radical free markets, i just want to restate that what we have is closer to crony capitalism than anything else.

2) i believe in creating value, not money. and to create long-term (‘sustainable’) value, people and planet come first, and while profit should be part of the game, it is merely a means to stay afloat within the current environment. it’s important to remember that not everything of value is actually compensated through money. in fact, almost nothing of value is. the main problem i see in crony business is that profit maximization trumps everything else. that’s why i support yunus’ social business model.

3) i see business as the process of creating value (or utility), and making it accessible to people outside of your personal circles. i don’t think business needs to a handful of ruthless scrooges exploiting their people, maximizing externalities and elbowing away the competition; but creating meaningful value for everybody (not just those traditionally considered ‘stakeholders’), and a better future.

4) we need to change a lot of things in the world. i want to be that change because i think buckminster fuller is right in saying ‘to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.’ and i simply don’t know a task that is more exciting in life than imagining/inventing/building the future!

these guys are full of energy. and they produce energy. hilarious & awesome!!

another trailer! this movie discusses the end of growth, another aspect to the misdesign of our systems i find extremely important. i should make a separate trailer category.

another interesting trailer! the expression ‘how the global economy really works’ is bordering on being too conspiratorial for me, but it features some highly distinguished thinkers, including chomsky and stiglitz. the film seems to make a lot of sense however.

its thesis: ‘capitalism hasn’t failed – it has worked perfectly according to the rules the systems creators have established at the detriment to those who can least afford it.’

forks over knives’ – very interesting trailer, hope the movie will screen here soon! it explores the clain that the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods?

i like this because it leaves aside the (very valid!) moral arguments of animal cruelty or environmental effects, but focuses on self-interest: live longer, live better. for the meat lovers, maybe it’s time to try out meatless mondays?

ich halte nicht viel von diesen polit-talkshows, die paar male die ich mir das angetan habe, fühlte ich mich wirklich um eine stunde meines lebens beraubt.

ich kann jedoch eine sendung zum thema geldkrise empfehlen, bei der dirk müller wieder mal einen guten job macht, und auch prof. hörmann einmal zu wort kommt. die these dass das geld-/wertsystem eine heftige bereinigungsphase benötigt wird also langsam salonfähig. dass theo waigel die wiederholte nachfrage ‘woher das geld denn komme’ von müller (26:40) nicht beantworten konnte, spricht doch für sich. witzig auch, wie der wirtschaftsminister nicht sehr überzeugend versucht den anschein zu erwecken, dass er versteht in welcher lage wir uns befinden.

ich habe immer noch niemanden gefunden, der mir erklärt warum unser mindestreserve-fiatgeld system in dem geld=schulden ist, denn sinn macht, und dass sich ein crash/reset vermeiden lässt bzw. nicht systemimmanent ist. dafür eine menge menschen verschiedenster hintergründe, die einen kollaps dieses absurden systems ebenso für unausweichlich halten. ich hoffe, dass der crash nicht in alter schock doctrine manier von radikal-neoliberalen vereinahmt wird, sondern dass wir diesen anlass nutzen, eine bessere welt zu bauen.

beautifully shot video from yann arthus-bertrand on the topic of forests: “is the essential being destroyed to produce the superfluous?”

wow, what an inspiring story! good news!

remember this summer, when climate activists protested the keystone XL pipeline in front of the white house? they got themselves arrested in civil disobedience (for protesting in front of the white house?!?) to prevent the ‘game over for the climate.’

on nov 6, more than 10,000 protesters came back and circled the white house to demand an end to the pipeline. and this massive public pressure finally resulted in a victory!! last night i got an e-mail, that the decision was delayed, effectively killing the project!

this is a spectacular victory, because it seemed so unlikely: it was expected that this would pass easily, not a lot of people outside of the affected areas knew about this project, and the protest came amidst a news media dominated by the financial markets. this is a great victory, and should be a huge motivator to continue fighting the good fight!