unlimited (economic) growth – in my view, the most dangerous assumption underlying the failing systems. we’ve built an ‘intergenerational ponzi scheme’, where we “steal from the future, sell it in the present, and call it GDP.” the quote is from paul hawken, and i found it on the blog of the brilliant kyra choucroun, who wrote a very insightful post on breaking out of the unlimited growth mindset!

i posted the post carbon institute’s brilliant analysis of unlimited growth and its impact on the environment a while ago, well worth taking the time to watch. as naomi klein pointed out in her #occupywallst address, these two issues are inextricably linked: “The new normal is serial disasters: economic and ecological.”

the script for the video comes from andrew simms, fellow at the new economics foundation (NEF), one of the most important institutions to help us find a way out of the mess we’ve gotton ourselves into. i am very much looking forward to #occupytogether on october 15 and hope it can be a start to turn things around.

die WISO reportage, die u.a. auch für wirbel sorgte, da eine weitere version zunächst wegen einer “regierungsanfrage” von youtube entfernt wurde. im nachhinein angeblich ein automatisierungs- bzw. übersetzungsproblem. dies ist jedoch die fassung mit der geschichte über die sparkasse bremen.

[EDIT: hier noch ein sehr guter beitrag von monitor zur lobbymacht der finanzbranche]

wir schlittern also geradewegs in die nächste finanzkrise, und es scheint als ob hierzulande niemand hinsieht oder hinsehen will. derweil regt sich inzwischen in vielen städten der USA protest: #occupywallst breitet sich auf die ganze nation aus! sehr inspirierend:

naomi klein hat eine tolle rede geschrieben, die den kern des problems gut einfängt:

The point is, today everyone can see that the system is deeply unjust and careening out of control. Unfettered greed has trashed the global economy. And it is trashing the natural world as well. […] The new normal is serial disasters: economic and ecological.

die bewegung erfährt viel prominente unterstützung, jüngst von den ökonomen joseph stiglitz und paul krugman, sowie bill mckibben von 350.org. in diesem video seiner rede wird noch etwas deutlich: da die NYPD keinerlei elektronische verstärker für redner duldet, haben die demonstranten das “human microphone” entwickelt- zeugnis des einfallsreichtums der menschen vor ort!

es wird endlich zeit, dass wir strukturelle veränderungen vornehmen, um die endlosschleife an desastern endlich hinter uns zu lassen. #occupywallst inspiriert nicht nur nordamerikaner, sondern menschen weltweit: am 15. oktober finden weltweit aktionen statt- laut www.occupytogether.org sind mind. 85 aktionen bestätigt, und an 1150 orten laufen die vorbereitungen dafür. in deutschland sind bisher aktionen in frankfurt, hamburg, berlin angekündigt.

new york sieht sich ja gerne als mittelpunkt der welt, als kreatives epizentrum. #occupywallst liefert auf jeden fall ein überzeugendes argument dafür, dass da etwas dran sein könnte.

cool video of bioluminescent neon blue glowing water in california- beautiful!

probably the most inspirational commencement speech ever, and what i find is jobs’ greatest piece of work. his other work is well documented by steven levy.

RIP, steve.

“almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. you are already naked. there is no reason not to follow your heart.”

“your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”, “stay hungry, stay foolish”

fucking right: drought is an act of nature, famine is man-made! this way to the one petition.

cool social business start-up on sharing knowledge around the globe: knowable.org. haven’t launched yet, but i’m quite interested in finding out more!

and i think there’s much common ground, i highly value information access and transparency, and believe it can fuel positive change in the world. it should also work in their favor that the greatest challenge isn’t a logistical or technical one (such as distributing knowledge) but it’s the challenge of designing a system that makes knowledge accessible in a way that people actually will find useful enough to use.

i found out about this project through the makesense gang in berlin, who will be doing a hold-up for knowable.org on saturday at impakt berlin. i was told this is a public brainstorming/workshop to support the development of the platform – kind of a “real life crowdsourcing.” looking forward to joining this saturday and learning more about makesense (great manifesto!) as well as knowable.org!

[EDIT: knowable.org is in it’s last hours of crowdfunding at indiegogo.com/knowable]

best comment on the police brutality incidents at the #occupywallst protests in new york, glad to hear a major media outlet call this one out. because this does happen every day, in the US but also in other “democratic” societies.

remember the berlin cop that kicked the head of a demonstrator lying on the ground in 2010? or the guy with his bike at the freiheit statt angst demo 2009, who was first punched by a cop, wrestled to the ground, arrested and charged with assault on a cop – because he was asking for the identification number of another cop. or what happened to the older retired guy bleeding out of his eyes in stuttgart last year?

last year, amnesty international reported on 15 detailed cases of police brutality in germany, some of which even ended in death. like oury jalloh, who burned to death in a prison cell in dessau, with his hands and feet tied to a flame-retardant bed, and none of the cops on duty were held responsible. in a society we’d like to call democratic or free, this simply cannot stand. if the “western governments” want to differentiate themselves from the totalitarian regimes we love to criticize/bomb for oppressing their people, they better start cleaning up their act at home.

it’s sad that an initially peaceful protest will only be newsworthy through police brutality or riots. the real news is, that there is a scent of change in the air during these crisis-ridden times. people realize that the systems are not working anymore, taking it to the streets and protesting their governments (essentially for failing them). and this change is happening bottom-up, with brave individuals at the forefront. in closing, one more great comment from o’donnell on “tony boloney”: