nice info graphic from on gas prices, subsidies and fossil fuel economics/politics!

it’s time to move beyond this! join moving planet on september 24th, 2011 coming to a city near you!

awesome, the in.gredients project (“the first zero-waste, package-free grocery store in the US.”) is crowdfunded! pretty nice blog as well! could we also try this in berlin?

[EDIT: i was informed that there is a similar store ‘unpackaged’ in london. we still have a long way to go here in germany]

more than 50 people are held in jail after the tar sands civil disobedience action in front of the white house protesting the keystone xl pipeline, including bill mckibben. the protests are supposed to continue during the next two weeks. if you’re a US resident, you can also support them by signing the petition!

nice world carbon footprint visualization on earth overshoot day.

[EDIT: earth overshoot day happened on september 27, 2011- about a month later than in 2010. unfortunately, this doesn’t mean, we’ve taken better care this year, but it has to do with the measurement uncertainty]

last call to join the birthday experiment 2011!

find out more at

steven johnson’s observations on how good ideas happen. another book on my reading list.

heute abend findet im haus der kulturen der welt die eröffnung des über lebenskunst festivals statt- vier tage lang wird dort gezeigt, versucht, getestet, wie ein nachhaltigeres leben möglich ist. ein persönliches highlight für mich wird die neuauflage der fahrrad-disko sein, auf die ich auch nochmal getrennt aufmerksam machen werde.

[UPDATE:] neues video zeigt impressionen vom aufbau- jetzt bin ich mächtig gespannt auf heute abend!

something personal (actually i think i hinted at this a few weeks ago): my birthday is less than two weeks away and i since i have everything i need and more, it’d be really happy if instead of a present, you could me with my birthday experiment:

i’m fundraising for east africa, because i think lots of people are willing to pitch in, but you just need is a little nudge to actually do it. this is the link:

please participate, share via social media and tell others how easy it was to do it!

melt! / m!eco interviews – english!

It Is Happening
feat. Everything Everything, Little Dragon, Miss Kittin, We Have Band

Keep It Close
feat. Architecture in Helsinki, FM Belfast, Gary Barber (Is Tropical), Junip (José González) & Retro Stefson

That’s What We Should Do
feat. Harry McVeigh (White Lies), JD Samson (Men, Le Tigre), Monarchy & Nicolas Jaar

Die Macht Etwas Zu Verändern
feat. Alec Empire, Apparat Band, Housemeister & Kiki

das war das erste der fünf videos der künstlerinterviews beim melt! festival zum thema nachhaltigkeit und m!eco (melt! umweltoffensive). hier noch das zweite deutsche video:

Irgendjemand Muss Ja Anfangen
feat. Âme, Bodi Bill, King Kong Kicks & M.A.N.D.Y.

die videos mit den englischen interviews folgen!

p.s. ebenso bei green music initiative sowie global ideas (dw-world) zu finden!