yet another social network? wonder how they will unthink social media and keep their promises, and how they will build their base. after all, i guess it’s the network effect that keeps most people from leaving facebook.

i do find the video somewhat enticing and their promises will attract some people’s attention. especially after eric schmidt made it painstakingly clear that google plus will make money off of my data (surprise!).

good that google plus hasn’t really convinced me (yet?), my friends that aren’t either ‘super tech-savvy’ or ‘marketers/communicators’ just aren’t there (yet?). so i’m waiting on the unthink invite code to see for myself. chances are, however, that i’ll face the same problem: even if it’s the best party ever, i wouldn’t want to be the first one there.

so simple, so good.

nice video from the tar sand protests in front of the white house!

posted about this before, but this seems to be getting huge! so far 275 people have let themselves be arrested to protest the keystone xl pipeline. more info from the ny times,, grist’s nice video & a slightly longer guardian feature.

if you’re a US resident, you can support the protests by signing the petition! if civil disobedience is not for you, or you’re not in D.C., join the worldwide action day moving planet on september 24!


“People, the Earth is not a Trash Can.” – Josh Trager, Kyle XY Series

Sculpture in photo by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, “Dirty White Trash [With Gulls]”

hells yeah! ♥

wer die ARD reportage ‘afrika hungert: ein wettlauf gegen die zeit’ verpasst hat, kann sie noch in der mediathek anschaun. sehenswert!

helfen kann man auch noch z.b. hier:


Car, Bus or Bike?

following up on yesterday’s infographic, a short video from the center for investigative reporting on the real price of gas and fossil fuels. did you know there’s all kinds of factors that influence your car’s level of pollution such as weather or maintenance?


nice blog project! once you notice it, the amount of packaging waste is quite disturbing. it’s sad that organic food usually doesn’t do much better either!


Coffee in a coffee shop. Bad photo really, but still coffee, juice and a shared sandwich, dining in. All packaging disposable – unnecessary really.