according to the environmental working group, lamb has a higher carbon footprint than beef. most of the other items on this list are probably well known, but i thought i’d post it as a saturday reminder.

great interview with lutz pfannenstiel, the founder of an initiative i also support: global united f.c., which is the world’s largest football charity that deals with climate change and the environment.

i think football is a huge cultural force in our society, and as such, it can be a cultural impulse we need to rethink our world in a more sustainable way. i believe that football and footballers can spread a message, especially among kids, much quicker than perhaps politicians can, and it’s great to see that already 300 players support this organization!

2 years in prison and $10,000 fine. nope, that’s not the sentence for a violent crime. it’s the sentence that climate activist tim dechristopher faces for raising the paddle at a lease auction for oil and gas drilling rights on utah public lands.

in 2008, it seemed as if then-president bush (illegally?) rushed to auction off the environmentally sensitive land before leaving office. dechristopher, an economics student at the time, decided to take action and disrupt this sale of public land to fossil fuel corporations. he joined the bidding, raised the prices for some and was supposed to pay $1.8 million for 13 parcels, which he could not pay of course.

today, dechristopher was sentenced to two years in prison mostly to set an example and deter future activists from taking action to preserve our future. before his sentencing, dechristopher gave some interviews, which can be found here and here.

in his address to the court, dechristopher explained “my intent both at the time of the auction and now was to expose, embarrass and hold accountable the oil and gas industry, to point that it cut into their $100-billion profits.” he said further: “you have authority over my life, but not my principles. those are mine,” and “i’ll continue to confront the system that threatens our future.”

am 23. juli eröffnete im prenzlauer berg (wo sonst?!) einer der nach eigenen angaben ersten veganen supermärkte europas (mit vollständigem sortiment): veganz – ca. 6000 vegane produkte auf 250 m2 fläche

adresse ist schivelbeiner straße 34, ich bin jedenfalls sehr gespannt auf den laden (und das als nicht-veganer!)

passend zum aktuellen berliner wetter, dachte ich krame ich mal dieses schöne video heraus!

das portal der verbraucherzentrale ist inzwischen ganz schön in die schlagzeilen geraten. richtig so, und ich hoffe auch dass die “lebensmittelindustrie” sich weiter so heftig gegen dieses portal wehrt– dies unterstreicht doch nur deren verachtenswerten methoden und praktiken. dieser industrie vertrauen wir unsere ernährungs- und gesundheitssicherheit an; wie man das aber kennt, ist dort einzig der profit im blick (na gut, vielleicht auch noch die egos einiger vorstände).

ich hoffe das portal bietet eine sinnvolle plattform zur information über lebensmittelprodukte und wird nicht durch umständliche meldeprozesse, unübersichtliche “diskussionsforen” und schlicht “information overload” unpraktisch für den durchschnittsbürger. denn dort muss es ankommen, dass in den supermarktregalen ziemlich viel “dreck” steht.

die größte hoffnung ist jedoch, dass dies nur der erste schritt bleibt! eine offizielle produktbeurteilung/stellungnahme von hoher autorität würde helfen, den werbe-medial verbreiteten “wahrheiten” entgegenzuwirken. ansonsten sollte auch dringend nochmal über eine verpflichtende lebensmittelkennzeichnung nachgedacht werden.

an dieser stelle kommt man nicht umher, auf die tolle arbeit von thilo bodes foodwatch organisation hinweisen, die seit 2002 an diesem thema arbeiten. deren portal ist quasi das original von dem sich die verbraucherzentrale wohl vieles abgeschaut hat. im aktuellen greenpeace magazin gibt es dazu noch ein lesenswertes interview mit anne markwardt.

somalia is currently experiencing the “worst humanitarian disaster” in the world due to the rain season being absent for the second year in a row. according to the world food program, 10 million people need humanitarian aid.

massive help is needed, and everybody can do something! for example, on saturday (july 23) a flea market is taking place at st. elisabeth-kirche (around rosenthaler platz) to collect money for médecins sans frontières’ crisis work: “KEIN DURST! Ein Flohmarkt der helfen soll”. great idea! i hope there will be lots of people who have wanted to free up some space in their apartments/basements anyway and/or want to find some new treasures so we’ll get some money together. a very pro-active answer and i wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility that a significant amount of money will be raised!

oh and yes, i know it’s impossible to link specific weather events to climate change, but the enormous amount and repeated occurrence of weather-related catastrophes suggest how very unlikely it is that there is no larger structural change at work. the world needs decisive and fair international political action ASAP!

nice social media case study from skittles!

culture is only generated by copying and adapting culture. nice video series, the first two videos talk about the prevalence of copying/referencing in music and film.

i think lawrence lessig would fully approve of this project.

for those who didn’t understand yesterday’s german post, here is an english documentary on braungart & mcdonough’s concept of cradle2cradle – a very interesting way to look at industrial processes from a biomimicry perspective.