been fiddling with google plus today. it will surely take some time until it’s set up the way i have my facebook set up, but so far i like the feel of it.

and google did learn something: the ‘buzz’ strategy of giving everybody access at once completely backfired. the “invite only”-system of ‘plus’ was much smarter as it created a sense of ‘i want to be part of it’ (even though it seems like i have unlimited invites). there’s a german saying that captures this and translates into: “what costs nothing is worth nothing”.

[EDIT: it seems like anybody can sign up now via]

[EDIT: it seems like google has exceeded its capacity for new invites..]

the german climate camp (klimacamp 2011 from 28 aug – 4 sept close to cologne) is actively inviting international participants!

especially encouraged to join are young people (18-27 years) who are part of an organization/movement/network working on climate change/environmental issues and want to create an international learning community for climate justice!

there are 2 spots available for which travel expenses, accommodation and meals will be paid! for everybody interested and not from germany, i’d say this is a great opportunity to make some great connections!

better be quick – application deadline is 6 july 2011! more info in this pdf

[nachtrag zum blog post 7. sinn]: hier gibt es ja schon eine initiative, die das thema ‘nachhaltigkeit’ über die mainstream-medien in die öffentlichkeit bringen möchte:

mal sehen, wie das mit/von sat.1 so wird, vom glaubwürdigkeit/greenwashing-aspekt. getreu meiner philosophie “öko sein muss sexy sein” will ich ja auch nicht überkritisch sein, schliesslich beginnt jede reise mit dem ersten schritt und keiner von uns ist ein engel!

iq-consult bietet praktika im social entrepreneurship während des sommers an! tolle agentur für soziale innovation des ashoka-fellows norbert kunz von denen ich mich auch beraten lasse!

intense movie..

heute abend: themenabend “schmutziges öl” bei arte!

los geht’s um 20:15 mit “profit um jeden preis: die BP-story”. danach um 21:05 “abgefackelt – wie die ölkonzerne unser klima killen”

love this: street art & my passion for bikes combined!

i want to see this movie when it’s out- it just got crowdfunded through kickstarter! and gene sharp’s book [download] is the newest addition to my reading list.

these kingbins look really great- and they’re made from recycled barrels!

another beautful piece of jewelry: con razón, corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

Con Razón, Corazón. silver. works like a scale where the heart will always pull down as it is heavier.

all made by elreinventor, who is also exhibiting his work with sustainable clothing designers banuq and reclothings at ‘three ethical bastards’ on 4 july 2011:

three ethical bastards