occupyeconomics. 300 economists stand with the occupy movement, and have published a statement.

supporting organization, econ4, caught my interest. they are proponents of economic models that benefit people, planet and the future. they have a nice video describing the problems with the friedmanite free-market disaster capitalism, but in this video below they also start mapping out solutions: they describe four necessary conditions for a better economic system:

  • – a level playing field: food, healthcare, education, clean & safe environment
  • – resilience: withstanding unexpected shocks
  • – true cost pricing: dirty products will be more expensive than clean products
  • – real democracy: reclaim democracy from self-interested parties

i fully agree with these points! the third point is what i have been saying for while now, especially when sitting in all those ‘green marketing’ conferences/talks. ecosocial products don’t have to be made more attractive, they just have to be cheaper. i don’t know anybody who would pay premium prices for products that use slave labor, degenerate their health, and steal our children’s future.

another interesting trailer! the expression ‘how the global economy really works’ is bordering on being too conspiratorial for me, but it features some highly distinguished thinkers, including chomsky and stiglitz. the film seems to make a lot of sense however.

its thesis: ‘capitalism hasn’t failed – it has worked perfectly according to the rules the systems creators have established at the detriment to those who can least afford it.’